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MaRik is an innovative thinker and idea generator.
She designs and creates original products, software, and applications, illustrates complex data and concepts, mixes new technology with traditional media and experiments with new ways of artistic expression.

In parallel with her studio work, she is a Creative Technologist & User Experience designer, creating applications and digital user experiences for global brands.

MaRik’s work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Music in London, Athens Concert Hall, Expo2005 Japan and Athens Olympic 2004, among others. She is the author of «Kill it or it will kill you», London 2012 (, «Aloft in the clouds» Bristol 2005, «Human an illusionist», 2006, Elytro, Bristol, 2006. Her collaborations include agencies like Tag Worldwide, McCann, JWT, Ogilvy, jellyfish, Mindshare, and likes globally.


She holds a Master of Arts in Animation from UWE in Bristol, a Master in Interactive Media from Saint Louis University in Brussels and a BA in Communication Arts from Nancy 2 University in France.
MaRik lives and works in London when she is not by the sea at her treehouse in Greece.

"Killfears®" was born in 2012 in London and is trying to reflect on the consequences of trauma and on an individual need to develop self- awareness. 


The whole idea was born by the need to understand me - I know it sounds egocentric but is because most probably it is :)


Why are we afraid?

Why do we sometimes suffer from panic attacks?

Why do we hesitate to do things that we REALLY WANT TO DO but --we can't!!


Why, after a traumatic experience, might we think and act differently? 


Why do we worry?

if worrying is not helping us (and we know it doesn't!) why do we keep doing it anyway!


Why even though our rational brain says NO do we still feel YES! Should our brains lead to our actions or not? How far we should rely on our feelings?


O Balance, where art thou?


Since all these questions torture my mind and soul, I wanted to depict them and share them with some other minds and souls - so we can torture altogether, mind and soul! 


The company helps, so they say...



Well, to recap, the aim here is to answer some basic "mental torture" questions and get some answers! and tell to the brain:


- Who is the boss here dude? 


Take control over your life and kill all the unpleasant feelings of fear, panic and failure. 


Feel free - Be Free - is the ultimate goal of our existence.




by MaRik