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I think the book is fantastic, it takes you on a gentle journey to face your inner fears. This book teaches you how to take real steps to conquer your fear.

I particularly love the graphics and artwork of the book and the great sense of humour.

Miriam Elst 

Licensed Trainer & Facilitator: LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods,

Design Thinking, Business Design Strategist,

Brussels BE

‘I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

I particularly like the fact that it has been written/created by someone who managed to overcome her own fears and this experience becomes the source of motivation, inspiration, hope and guidance for others in the same/similar situation!

The interactive part is fun and challenging!’

Pan Anthopoulos,

Project Coordinator

BBC, London UK 

I read your book a few days ago. I want to tell you how impressive and cool your book is!
Wow, I am really impressed. It did something to me. I know for sure you will help so many people and bring them further. Beautiful!

Roos Hop

Dutch running champion

Great practical artwork helping people to become a better version of themselves. Refind humour in life that keeps you going. 

MPE Gijssel

Clinical Health Scientist,

Founder of KA, Netherlands

I read your book. It is very inspiring and very accessible to kids

(and all adults, who continue to be in their 70', 80', and 90', ....grown-up kids!). 

The underlying theme is visualization a field in itself in psychology.



John E. Madias, MD, FACC, FAHA   
Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) 
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai/
Cardiology Division,
Elmhurst Hospital Center NYC, USA 

"I just read this for the first time with my son
and it had the pair of us giving 'FEAR' a hilarious voice and roaring with laughter whilst we 'beeped' through the swearing!  It's certainly started some good discussions with him about his fears and how we can tackle them together. On a serious note, 
the format and approach of this book caught his attention immediately 
(he's almost 12). I can see this being a hit with most teenagers." 


Vicki Norman
Psychologist, London, UK


Fun, informative and applicable!

Could be termed as the handbook of artistic interventions for fears.

Catherine Athanasiadou-Lewis,
Lecturer in counselling psychology at London Metropolitan University, author
London, UK

Great work,
excellent design and philosophy!!!!!!!!!! intelligent******

 Lefki Christidou 
Painter, Physical Anthropology Scientist
Athens, Greece

An original book that offers, using the method of visualisation a creation of feelings that are translated into words that depict fear and the unpleasant feeling of the panic attack and the suffer from it. 

The fear becomes a monster, is an image, it is visualised and stops to be an invisible threat. We can now declare the war to our fear and not to endure forever in a passive way.

We take action and behave in an active way against it.

A book for those who suffer from small and big fears.

Katerina Caël - karagianni

Clinical Child Psycologist and Family Therapist,

Nancy, France

Normalising, Funny, Engaging!!!

Great Work Marik!!

Venetia Leonidaki,

Phsycologist at NHS, London, UK

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